drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

speaking of those fraudulent war crimes complaints....

interesting that one of the hot cool buzz phrase is the new buzz about fraudulent war crimes complaints...

the interesting aside here is that we have the back log of convictions, in american courts, or are we really suppose to believe that when the UCMJ courts convict, it is not like those are actual courts of laws, or that they are majikally not american courts of law???


so why is it that the draft dodgers, and their fellow ivory tower sitters hiding out in the heritage foundation, and the american enterprise institutute, and how many other so called 'right wing think tanks' are finding it so hard to come up with a more creative way of explaining why they are still in the rear with the beer.

could it be that they are even more challenged now that they could be following their rhetorical posturing and supporting BushCheney2008.... but, gosh, I guess like so many other of those litttle issues, there is the wanking that they do when they are trying to be more patriotically corrector than thou, and then there is that unpleasant part of reality they are just not willing to face....

so what is it going to be? back BushCheney2008 or side with the terrorists?
Tags: bushcheney2008, war_crimes

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