drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Thank GOD for the Airforce Uber Alles

Boy, I got to see the new Air Farce advert at the Duke of Edinburgh, which is so amusing, as back in the day we did our serious drinking there, but not here CONUS amongst the draft dodgers and kiddies who want to feel warmer and safer because the Massive Throbbing And Tumultous Tubors of AirFarse Uber Alles would keep america safe from those Iranian Flying Saucers.

What can I say, I just find the whole idea that americans could even buy that rhetorical posturing, well, comical, ordering on the slight that was used against the FLEET back after WWII, because of course, it was so emotionally traumatizing to admit that the use of unrestricted submarine warfare against Japan had done more to cripple it's war capacity than the shift curtis leMay made to fire bombing civilian areas, because it made metrics one could show on the pre-cursor to powerPointing...

Ah yes, clearly now more than WhatEver more americans just have to feel so much safer knowing that the New And Improved US airFrace is what helps keep us safe as we continue to win against the axis of evil in Korea, and Iran, and where ever else it is that we are ever more gloriously and ever more victoriously victorizing our mission accomplished dances.....

or long story short:
Doesn't it suck to live in an Illeterate Nation
What is not gonna read FM 3-24 cause it don't got no Purty Piktures
Sorry for intgerrupting the mindless flow there.

Clearly all of this is MORE clear and compelling case for BushCheney2008, because anything less and folks will have inferiority issues about the size of their throbbing and tumultous tubor compensations...
Tags: bushcheney2008, war

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