drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Oh Brutal Jack Boot Iron Grip Of Red Kommunism!!!

Would this be a bad time to remind the Pro-War Kamp, and their Pansy Bed Fellows, those cute draft dodging cross dressing think tank lace cuffed poofter FreeMarketteeers over in the Heritage Foundation, et al, about their interesting ideological dogma in the religious faith moments of FreeMarketeering?

Or would that just make them more emotionally traumatized if they were to read:
Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson outlined a series of broad-based proposals Thursday aimed at restoring faith in the mortgage business and shoring up the battered financial services sector.
Among the biggest points of the plan Paulson outlined were calls for stronger state and federal oversight of all mortgage originators and establishing a nationwide licensing standard for mortgage brokers.

[ cf Paulson seeks to restore credit faith ( emphasis mine )
For those may still be trying to hide in the whole wonder years of "Spitzer tried to help some nice R&B singer overcome her homelessness and drug issues", as if that would be a safer place to skate out, in these, what sort of times are these?


Oh Me! Oh My!!! In a Unitary Executive, this idea of EXCESSIVE BRUTAL ECONOMIC REPRESSION OF THE ECONOMY, could only be explained by the horrors of Red Communism, and the fact that there are KNOWN COMMUNIST PAID AGENTS and their FELLOW TRAVELLORS who are turning the Executive Branch into a Hot Bed Of PinkoNeff!!!

Which, gosh, would be so much like stabbing the troops in the back, by stabbing the president in the back, with the complete economic deviationalism that opposes letting the Free Market Be Free!!!

Be Free Little Free Market....

Now more than ever All True Americans MUST support BushCheney2008 to keep america american!!!!
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