drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

That Innumeracy Crisis.

for those who may not be aware, try Innumeracy.com or the wiki entry for the book Innumeracy, the book. Of course, the radical left wing puppet toadies of their CrypoIslamoFascist overlords at the wiki redirect folks to Numeracy where they hope no one will notice the slight of hand.

As IF.

But the antithesis of 'in' is 'out', and we all know that the Hiddeous And Heinous Gay HomoZeXual Liberal Media Konspirakii is all about Outing Things, and thus, that the reason liberals use 'innumeracy' as their enemy tag, is because of the super secret subliminal anti-thesis, 'OutNumeracy', by which they wish to force their whole Gay HomoZeXual Marriage Initiative in classrooms, hoping that no one notices that
Number Theory IS just a Theory!!!!
It is NOT Fact
and no amount of gay homoZeXual propoganda is going to help them try to cover up that all of these radical extremists want to impose their sinister liberal agenda with their so called concern about stopping 'innumeracy'.

AS IF!!!!

Let us ask ourselves one more depth of interesting God Hating America Bashing Unamericanism. One really has to wonder how many americans were actually aware that Douglas Richard Hofstadter is the son of Robert Hofstadter and not of Richard Hofstadter whom as everyone knows was a Communist Puppet Toady of Unamericanism who wrote such screeds as Social Darwinism in American Thot that made that notion unpopular amongst the radical left wing that did not want to adopt the Leader Principle, and with it the logical conclusion that the founding father had always meant to have the Unitary Executive Principle, that would protect us all from radical extremists liberals pushing their dangerous mathematical theories, that are just theories!!!

So when you notice that the evil left wingers are trying to advance their so called radicalist agenda about improving so called math and science classes, do not be a Dupe of the CryptoIslamoFascism, they are merely trying to advance their Gay HomoZeXual agenda....

Remember boys and girls!!! Vote BushCheney2008 before the Gay HomoZeXual Agenda mandates that two plus two is always a gay marriage of four!!!!

Anything Less and Godzilla Returns!!!
Tags: bushcheney2008, math

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