drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Prisoner Of Zenda: CryptoIslamoFasicst EVIL Propoganda

Oh, well, there you have it, the Red Kommunist Elites at the wiki offer us The_Prisoner_of_Zenda_(1937_film) showing that they are clearly the dupes of the Global Monolithic Evil Anglo-Isrealism I mean as if we didn't know.

They do admit that there is The_Prisoner_of_Zenda_(1952_film) and that the shooting script is a straight out rip off of the 1937.

So let's start out being basically obvious. There is a generation of NonMalePerkin who grew up all swoony over Stewart Granger, just as Red Fellow Travelors before them swooned all over Ronald Colman, who was actually born in Surrey, England, and would die in Santa Monica. While Stewart_Granger was born in London. Thus proving that he was already capitulating to Americanist Global Hegomony, and clearly more Americanised that Colman ever would be.

Which is the crucial facete in this film, where we work on the Evil Progression to The Prisoner of Zenda (1979) with peter sellers, who was born in Southsea, Hampshire, England, UK - but does a much better job of making use of his being a british puppet toady of the Evil Monolithical Maniacl Americanist Global Hegomony!!!

Thus we see the slow steady interweaving of plot to reveal the transitioning from a time when Americans looked to the british to be the global imperalist power, to these scary manifestations of the british, which can only be symbolic of the CryptoIslamoFascists trying to make americans feel more silly about their Global Obligation to be the great lord of everything.

Besides, who else but CryptoIslamoFascists could have forced these dangerous konspiratorial so called coincidences!!!

Now more than EVER americans MUST support BushCheney2008 to help all true god fearing all americans return to those kinder, gentler, more halcyon days when americans did not have to worry about all of the ugly nasty bits....

Remember, without BushCheney2008 Iranian Flying Saucers would be parachuting Godzillas all over the heart land of america imposing Gay HomoZeXual Marriage Initiatives!!!!

So Remember to VOTE BushCheney2008 to keep america american!!!
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