drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Nice Republican girls....

... understand the law of equivolent exchange.

While others may be rational, or sympathetic, or supportive, including but not limited to supportive insightful literature living with COPD(chronic obstructive pulmonary disease).

The Nice Republcian Girl mounts her Valiant White Charger And blazes forth into battle undeterred. Since she understands what the doctor would have said,
"I hate to advocate drugs, alcohol, violence, or insanity to anyone,
but they've always worked for me."
and he is a doctor, and doctors know those important things.

And of course the most singularly important form of Violent Insanity, which of course avoids any complications of contraindications for drug interactions, is a knee knock, toe tweeking, hair straightening, Mind Bending Stem To Stern Reality Crushing Screaming Yellow Zonker Orgasmic Instance and Singularity Hammering!

Which may not actually cure anything, but, ok, the contraindication is what again?

Yes, yes, yes, EVERYONE Knows about the Bat Winged Long Fanged Screaming Hell Spawns that can come fluttering up from the Burning Sulphour Pits of the Lowest Realm of Seriously Gross and Ikky, Yukky Poohperism. {I mean everyone knows that seymore.} I mean, why ever do you think she brought along her valiant white charger? So that she could have it ready for such moments when she pulls her vorpal blade to go snicker-snack!

I mean, she didn't expect to just have a minor galaxtic space time fabric shifting Reality Crushing Screaming Yellow Zonker Orgasmic Instance and Singularity Hammering! for the mere price a slightly pre-owned run of the mill star craft, with lovely leather seating, and those cute danging fuzzy dice... Not at all.

Nice Young Republican Girls understand the value of important things, and are not afraid to make them happen.


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