drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

those flagging moments...

Ah yes, once against the draft dodging dope smoking hippy dippy anti-war types are out there doing their part to desecrate the flag of the republic that has kept america american....

I was JUST SHOCKED to hear that dirty stinking hippies at some effemente east coast wimp liberal elitist shool were conducting dangerous irrational religious cult rituals with our american flag!!!!
Below a cobalt blue stained-glass window of Jesus, one midshipman dips the academy flag before the altar cross, and the other dips the American flag.

The dipping of the flag has begun this nondenominational Protestant service at the Naval Academy for 40 years. But in civilian life, the American flag is never to be dipped, and the Navy says, it is not dipped at any other worship service at the academy or at any other installation.

[ cf Clashing Over Church Ritual and Flag Protocol at the Naval Academy Chapel ]
Now MORE THAN EVER we must have a national protect the american flag from godless desecration by wacko elitists!!!!

Then there is this fuggly Freak Doing Performance Art On The Flag as just one more illustration of why we MUST stop these God Hating America Bashing Dope Smoking Hippy Draft Dodger Elitists from Desecrating our All American Flag!!!!

Are YOU doing your part to protect BushCheney2008, or are you on the side of the CryptoIslamoFascistGodzilla Canadianists!!!
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