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The Long Kiss Goodbye: CryptoIslamoFascism

Ok, let us all start with the social unpleansantry that this is just one more of those typical run of the mill ninties chick flicks that were so a part of emotionally traumatizing males, and hence explains why the president had to work on new segregation rules, because of the massive difference between 'boy brains, girl brains' and the serious repression of boy culture that these sort of Radical Extremist Films cause.

But that is not the SOLE reason that The Long Kiss Goodnight is just more of the same old CryptoIslamoFascism that we have grown to expect out of Red Hollywood!!! OH JUST SURPISE ME, PLEASE!!!! There is no reference in the Kommunist Dominated IMDB quotes about the socially unpleasant moment where timothy points out that he has no idea how he would fake getting 4,000 people killed, so he is going to just kill them. Needless to say there is a reference to the first attack on the world trade center, and the effort in the movie to blame this new attack on islamic extremists.


Who else but CryptoIslamoFascists could have forseen a subsequent attack on the world trade center, and with it the death of some nearly 4,000 persons. This sort of think could not have just randomly occurred because some mere writer, not under the direct order of his CryptoIslamoFascists Overlords was expressly told to insert this exchange into the movie!!!

I mean, we liberated Iraq on even less direct intelligence, so folks REALLY should not get too squimish about where we find the clear and compelling evidence.

That having been said, yes, this is a very frightening story of an otherwise nice school marm who turns out to be a sniper. WOOOO SCARY!!!! I mean get real. It's the same old sad and tragic tale of the dating woes of the nineties when all things dark and evil, were, well prevent nice girls from meeting nice boys. So of course the logical thing is to go on an international killing spree and billing it all to the government!!! And worse yet, turning around and deciding to just go back home, pick up the boy next door and dislocate him from his friends and family.

I mean, be reasonable. This is a woman who is 'saving it till I get raped'. No wonder she is having a hard time build positive and constructive family values based relationships. Ok, so the 'driving miss daisey' line is elegantly handled!!! As are all the wonderful witty banter, and who can put down:
Charlie: Easy, sport. Got myself out of Beirut once, I think I can get out of New Jersey.
Mitch Henessey: Yeah, well don't be so sure. Others have tried and failed. The entire population, in fact.
So yeah, even if it is CryptoIslamoFasicst Propoganda, it is still a great buy at $5 a pop...

So remember boys and girls, only YOU can do your part to stop the CryptoIsamoFascists, by voting for BushCheney2008. Anything Less and Godzilla take over Red Hollywood, and you all seeing small movies.
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