drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Pure Proof that the Surge Is SurgeTasticalists EVER!!!

Can anyone doubt that the defeatist elements have been forced to engage in simply evil and demonic Iraqi Ministry of Defeatist Propoganda when the Red Hordes of CryptoIslamoFascism spew such obviously Ludicrous Hyperbole as:
Employers made their deepest cut in staffing in almost five years in February, the Labor Department reported Friday.

There was a net loss of 63,000 jobs, which is the biggest decline since March 2003 and weaker than the revised 22,000 jobs lost in January. Economists had forecast a gain of 25,000 jobs.

The weak report fueled already mounting recession fears and is likely to keep the Federal Reserve cutting interest rates further when it meets later this month.

[ cf Job losses: Worst in 5 years ]
How Utterly Absurd!!!!

Everyone knows that the wealth effect of all of the Patriotic Americans who's homes are every day in some new way increasing ever patriotically gloriously victoriously, have been leading the most revitalized economic revitalization of the economic stimulated stimulousing, that can only Occur when the Greatness of Great Leader Beams like the Glowing Lights of the MotherShip come to take the True Believers Home!!!!

Everyone KNEW that the defeatist types would engage in these defeatist forms of propogandizing with stale old failed facts, as if the dark night of mere realism were to be of some value!!!! So of course they wish to push their Satanic Doom And Gloom, because they Had FREEDOM!!!! They simply want to force their Gay HomoZeXual Marriage only agenda on the decent hard working folks of america with their terroristical scary stories of scary things!!!!

What clearer proof can there be that all true americans are voting BushCheney2008 to stop these Gay HomoZeXual Defeatist Cut and Run Appeasers who are stuck in that failed pre-911 liberal malaise of mere factualism!!!

All Hail Great Leader, for Great Leader has ElectroLytes, what plants want.
Tags: bushcheney2008, economics

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