drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

San Jose Falls To Communist Forces...

Holy Shades of April 1975 Kiddies!!!

Those Commie Rat Bastards have come again!!!!

Ok, so yes, I rather expect that the usual pedestrial puppet toadies of their CryptoIslamoFascist Overlords will be a bit blind sided, having forgotten that the Evil Liberal Media is the puppet toady of The Monolithic Godless Communist Hordes....

So a quick review for the Reds, Pinko's, and Fellow Travellors (oh my!). There is concern about renaming the portion of san jose that is unofficially known as Little Saigon and the effort of the Puppety Toadies of the Red Hordes to call it the Saigon Business District is just more of the Same Old Communist Propoganda Ploy!!! And of course, the rallying cry has been
If you do not support Little Saigon,
Then you are supporting the communists.
which was born out when the PolitBuro of the People's Democratic Soviet of San Jose opted against 'Little Saigon' on the Order of the Monolithic International Atheistic Asiatic Godless Kommunist Konspirakii.

Thus proving that San Jose has fallen to the communist.


Clearly all true americans Support BushCheney2008 so as to restore americanism to America!!!

Anything Less and The Red Hordes will be EVERYWHERE!!!!
Tags: bushcheney2008

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