drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

YouTube, Terrorist Clique or puppet toady of their CryptoIslamoFacistOverLords?

A video appeared on the Internet yesterday under the title "US Marine throwing a puppy," showing a man who appeared to be a Marine in Iraq picking up a puppy by the back of its neck and throwing it off a cliff.

As the animal soars through the air, yelping sounds can be heard.

The video posted on YouTube has drawn widespread condemnation on the Internet and by Marine officials at Kaneohe Bay.

Kaneohe Marines are investigating the 15-second video to see whether the Marine is one of their own. The Corps said such activity is not tolerated and that appropriate action will be taken.

[ cf Marine tosses dog from cliff on YouTube ]
Clearly NOW the department of homeland security MUST ACT!!!

Americans need to know why YouTube has become a dupe of international communism.

Can there be any doubt that ONLY by electing BushCheney2008 can americans be safe from the HORROR of YouTube and their CyrptoIslamoFasicstOverlords!!!
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