drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Nice Republican girls....

... understand Proper Phone Ettiquette.

Just because her heterosexual male friend calls up to discuss his new designs for "his and her's Zebra Patterned Loin Clothes", this is not a queue to talk dirty.

Clearly he is expressing his support for the president's new policy of more math and science instructors. Whom, as we all know, will need to be freed from the vile corrupting influences of the Evil Liberal Educational System. Hence that he is working on supporting the More Effective Argument From Intelligent Design which the Black Robed Tyrannts are continuing to persecute as a part of their Unwillingness to support the president to support the Troops!

So this is no time for an NRG to talk about Subduction. Or how Subduction leads to Orogeny, which inevitably leads to Relief. Or any of that filthy dirty geology stuff.

Although, she can, demuirly, note to her heterosexual male friend, say "tectonic plate shift", so that he knows that he should come over, bend her over and cane her pert young female bottom. Since NRG's know that 'spare the rod and spoil the child' is the Watch Word of our era, and NRG's clearly do not want to spoil or go to waste in any way shape or form in thes most Glorious And Victorious of All Times.

Which is why they have a firm and Proper Phone Ettiquette.


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