drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Congress MUST pass the Decriminalizing NotCrime Bill!!!

Clearly the central most stunning pinacle of the epic journey of enlightenment can be found in Bush Calls Surveillance Bill an ‘Urgent Priority’ since this will help decriminalize the NotCrimes which would not be criminal because they are all legal.

But as long as congress does not Pass the OmniBus Decriminalizing NotCrimes Bill, many americans may actually be accidentally tortured for reasons of it not being as clear that only the criminally criminal should be more or less tortured accidentally on purpose.


Without the OmniBus Decriminalizing NotCrimes Bill innocent children could accidently be tortured for no apparent reason other than that no one had expressly listed out the NotCrimes that they should not be accidentally tortured for not committing.

NOW MORE THAN EVER!!! Americans MUST support BushCheney2008 so that the INNOCENT CHILDREN will be protected by the Most Exalted Unitary Executive Principle that means that the president should not be limited by any act of congress, including the OmniBus Decriminalizing NotCrimes Bill, when it comes to protecting innocent children who may get accidentally tortured, on video, and wind up in a positive market position as a part of the new economic miracle brought about by the modern art of digitally recording the occasional accidental torturing for strictly monetary purposes as a part of Preventing International TheyThemThoseTypes!!!

But as long as CONGRESS FAILS to do it's duty to pass the OmniBus Decriminalizing NotCrimes Bill, no child will be safe from the HORRORS of TERRORIST AntiThot!!!

Are YOU doing your part to support BushCheney2008 or are you on the side of the TERRORISTS!!!

{ I mean, really, when the president says that congress has to pass the bill, because it is legal, one has to wonder if the president needs to find someone else to do the PSA's on do not do bad drugs, this might happen to you too.... }
Tags: bushcheney2008, torture, war

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