drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Billy Bud: IslamoFascist Propoganda.

Clearly we are going to have to wonder why it is that Red Hollywood has been pushing out all of this demonic IslamoFascist Propoganda?

The most recent in this list was Billy Bud, but in particular the movie Billy Bud (film), which starts out with Billy Bud singing on 'the rights of man'.

I mean, hello!!! one does not need to have the cryptonomicon in hand to know that 'the rights of man' is CryptoLiberalism of 'gay homoZeXual Marraige Only Agenda', and has always been that way ever since Thomas Paine, as if, I mean why not come out of the closet there leather queen, wrote this Gay Agenda advancing assault on our white christian america! while, shock, shock, he was in Freedom!!!
( cf The Rights of Man )

That in itself is not really enough to make the movie clear and compelling IslamoFascism. Instead, what we find in the flow of a film that is about a drug addled dope smoking god hating mutinous draft dodging moral pervert, which is clearly an unquestioned attack on the Unitary Executive Principles. The usual litany of demonic whiners are whined. That the impressment of sailors on the high seas does not conform with the radical liberal agenda. That merely flogging someone, for no apparent reason, is, well, just more of the usual whining in an effort to whine about torturing. Then there is the whining about creating evidence out of whole cloth, and that under the threat of Torture.

I mean who can not see that this God Hating America Bashing assault is simply more of the same old failed IslamoFascism that Red Hollywood has been spewing for decades now!!!

Can americans really be lead astray be these not at all veiled attacks on Unitary Executive Principles which clearly outline that the founding fathers always meant that america could only be ruled by a Great Leader, and that this Great Leader will always be a Great WarPresident who will appoint the First war Czar, and will be unified in his executiveness.
{ note: Unitary Executive Theory HA!!! those God Hating America Bashers at the wiki are unwilling to accept that this is settled divine law written unquestioningly by the finger of god and to be accepted as biblical literalism. }
Shock! Surprise!!! Horror!!!

Did you know that this so called Herman Melville is also the alledged author of Moby Dick which is clearly not only the HORROR of the Gay HomoZeXual Konspirakii, but clearly just more symbolism of the monstrosity of Obama dressed up as a Somalian Defeatist in white garb.

I'll bet you we will find that this Herman Melville guy is actually some sort of Hitlary Staffer, and most likely the one who smuggled out the news about how Obama was Moby Dick, and was trying to pass as a white man to destroy our white christian america. So we might not want to be too harsh on this Herman Melville Guy, as he may well be willing to become state's evidence against the terrorist cliques he has so obviously been involved with to create these two clearly UnAmerican trashings of Our Glorious War President and the Most Glorious Unitary Executive Principles.

Clearly Americans MUST DO THEIR PART!!!

Only by voting for BushCheney2008 can these Scary, Scary, Scary IslamoFascist Propoganda Pieces be pushed back into the dark pit!!!!

Anything Less and the Terrorists Not Only Win, but they start re-writing history to conform to their radical agenda...
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