drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

E.T. - The IslamoFascist Propoganda Machine.

So this weekend I was finally able to see the movie "ET:Extra-Terrestrial", and for me, the first thing was the painfully obvious nature of the Evil IslamoFascist Propoganda that was so clearly leaking out of the film all over the place.

I mean, let us be honest. We are talking about a film where the Iranian Flying Saucers land Illegal Immigrants who are involved in the whole Gay HomoZeXual Marriage Agenda.


How else can one explain the fact that this film has a divorced woman who is living with children who are all clearly Narco-Terrorists engaged in Eco-Terrorism on the order of their Illegal Alien Gay HomoZexual IslamoFascist who works on destroying Truth, Justice and the American Way.

I mean what more did folks need to have in their life to see the clear and compelling connections between the IslamoFascists and the Eco-Terrorist Movements. Not the mention the fact that Gay HomoZeXuality destroys marriages and undermines the family causing narco-terrorist children to become the unwitting dupes of the Monloithic International Global IslamoFascist Movement!!!!


Hey, did you notice that in close encounters of the 3rd kind there was also the explicit Islamo-Fascist Iranian Flying Saucer that causes Gay HomoZeXuality.... Makes one wonder why those Radical Left Wingers in hollywood are still allowed to attack our white christian america.
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