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Vantage Point Film Review

First off I would classify this film as: See it in the Cinema. See it again at the Cinema without all of your friends. Buy all of the merchandising. Get the DVD. Then get the DVD Special Edition.

I would like to complain that this film did not have either an expressed 'BushCheney2008' sticker, nor did it have a "buy war bonds" rally associated with it.

The first obvious concern is with Rashomon (the film) but one really should be thinking more about the Rashomon effect as a central theme here.

The first half of the film is setting up the problems of perception. What do we know, what have we really been told, and what is being implied, suggested, or just meanderated in with our 'deep seated unresolved childhood issues from previous lives' that we are still working on.

The second half of the film in many ways is just your typical run of the mill fast car chase in small spanish town where all of the wild and crazy bits have gone completely bonkers. But it is also still tied up with the problem of working out what do we really know about the story and the players.

In the end, I was somewhat surprised by my fellow film goers, as most of them had not stepped up to the plate to ask the real question:
Who really funded the Project?
What were it's Real Goals?
since what we 'know' about the context is presented only from certain perspectives - and the ending offers up an ambiguous head tilt in the direction of the grassy knoll, without actually answering the Fuggly Questions:
Did the script writers fail to add an accurate resolution?
By Design, or simply failing to understand the complexity of the problem?
I of course do not like the film because of the unpleasant train of thot that it both leaves open, and which I fear most americans are not going to be looking at, or working with....

Hey Kiddies, what if the 'nice people' are not your best friends????

What if it really was an inside job, and more than one player knew what the true colour of the boathouse was, and understood that this was that spring day when the car rolled up....
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