drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

That Evil Liberal Media Meat Puppetry

Hey kids, let us once again put our little thinking caps on for a moment.

Can YOU really come up with a clear and compelling actual legal distinction between the authorization to use military style force against Iraq that was issues to Clinton, and the one issued to Dubya.

At which point, lacking any actual legal distinction, we have to start looking around for other clarifications for why it is that the nation is 'more at war' in one context than in the other....

In Steps the Scary News from the Evil Liberal Media.... McCain might be able to 'get some'.

And as we might have to worry, that would, gosh, well, mean, that rather than focusing the nation on the need to get more Dead, Maimed, and Wounded GI's, that, well, McCain, old salt that he is, well, geez, he could, you know, 'get some' on his OWN!!!

No need for the blood of the military to get wood!!!

So folks really need to start thinking hard about these issues.

DO You WANT TO HAVE SOMEONE WHO CAN 'GET SOME', or are you supporting the president to support the troops, no matter how many GI's have to DIE, GET MAIMED, OR WOUNDED, so the Prez can have an 'in lieu of getting some'.

No More CLEAR and COMPELLING argument can be put forward to support BushCheney2008, anything less and those slimey, sicko, Hippie Dopes Smoking Draft Dodging Free Roaming Sandle Clad Stinking Anti-WAR LEFTIES like McCain will want openly espouse Heterosexuality over TOTAL MILITARY VICTORY!!!!

Remember, it is not about polorizing, or 'wedge issues' - it is about stopping the Heterosexuals, before they can stop the Glorious WAR!!!
Tags: bushcheney2008, war

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