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Surgtastical or Hitlary....

Interesting flow here kiddies:
Iraqi radical Shi'ite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr has extended for another six months a cease-fire between his Mahdi army militia and U.S. and Iraqi forces. Daniel Schearf reports from the northern Iraqi city of Irbil.
[ cf Shi'ite Cleric Extends Cease-Fire with US, Iraqi Forces ]
And now....
The closing scene -- and Hillary Clinton's last words -- at the crucial debate Thursday night in Texas set pundits to opine that, just perhaps, Clinton is coming to terms with the fact that she's not going to win the Democratic nomination.

In appearances on the three broadcast network morning shows today, Clinton did little to rebut that interpretation. Asked directly whether she would soldier on, no matter what happens in the make-or-break primaries in Ohio and Texas on March 4, she refused to say.

[ cf Clinton doesn't vow to go on beyond March 4 ]
Oh Me!!! Oh My!!!!

Are the Jihaudists trying to signal back to Hillary???

Would this be a bad time to remind americans that once there HipHop BuzzPhrase NeoCon Echo Chamber was whining that Hillary was signalling the Islamic Jihaudists. ( and yes boys and girls, in NeoCon land they do understand that there are more than merely Islamic Jihaudists, such as their Holy Warrior Christianist Friends, whom they regularly sacrifice when it is politically expedient.) Gosh, but if the NeoCon Echo Chamber was so correct on that point, then Gosh, the Surge was not as SurgeTastical as the white house has always said it has been....

But that would mean that the NeoCons, by their own standards, were stabbing the troops in the back by not supporting the president!!!!

There can be but one and only one solution here: BushCheney2008!!!!

Because anything less is Kapitulationist Appeaser Kut undt RunnerIsms!!!!
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