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Why Jesus Always Supported Torture!!!

Well Suprise, Suprise, Suprise Jethro:
Researchers at UC Riverside have found a way to get into your body and your bloodstream. No, they’re not spiritual gurus or B-movie mad scientists. Nathaniel G. Portney, Yonghui Wu, Stefano Lonardi, and Mihri Ozkan from UCR’s departments of Bioengineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Biochemistry, and Electrical Engineering, and the Center for Nanoscale Science and Engineering, are just talented when it comes to manipulating DNA.

In their paper, “Length-based Encoding of Binary Data in DNA,” which was published by the American Chemical Society last month, the researchers discovered a system to encode digital information within DNA. This method relies on the length of the fragments obtained by the partial restriction digest rather than the actual content of the nucleotide sequence. As a result, the technology eliminates the need to use expensive sequencing machinery.

[ cf UCR’s Researchers Discover New Way to Store Information Via DNA ]
Any questions why smashing up the container and checking it has always been a biblically literally support divine mandate when it comes to information extraction.

Now MORE THAN EVER americans must learn to understand that only BushCheney2008 know what is good for them, since they have the Divine Will!!!!

Sometimes, when facing a "meat-based information systems" it's time to throw the old information container on the barbie and invite friends over. You know, do the socially significant thing.
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