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Stop The God Hating America Bashers!!!

It is just shocking:
If Microsoft executes effectively on its new interoperability promises, it could repair its tarnished reputation in the technology industry and help the company get out of its own way to compete more effectively with Google.At first glance, Microsoft's news on Thursday that it would provide access to documentation for its major software products, including Windows Vista, Office 2007 and Exchange Server 2007, appeared to be a way to appease the European Commission in its ongoing antitrust case. It also seemed an acknowledgment that Microsoft can't ignore the open-source community's impact on its business and prominence in the industry any longer."[The news] validates and places a Microsoft acknowledgment that the open models that have emerged -- which Microsoft has denied almost as vociferously as tobacco companies have fought the idea that smoking causes cancer -- are a perfectly reasonable way to go," said Nick Selby, a senior analyst and research director at The 451 Group.Still, many remain skeptical that providing easier access to APIs (application programming interfaces), and vowing to allow developers to build open-source implementations on those APIs without interfering, doesn't mean Microsoft is a friend to open source, or that the company will change how it does business.
[ cf Open APIs May Help Microsoft Repair Reputation ]
Yes, Yes, Yes... I know, a lot of folks will obviously make the COMPLETELY DUNDERHEADED analysis and come to the totally most wrongest approach here.

So think for a moment before embarking on the wrong theme.

The HORROR here is that one of america's most successful companies, one that totally defeated the evil klintonesta efforts to establish that the law of america was legal in america, is NOW talking about allowing open and transparent transactions.

Let That NIGHTMARE ooze over you like the Canadianist Maple Leafing Syrup that it is!!!!

Today it is Microsoft advocating open and transparent transactions. Tomorrow they will start advocating that the US GOVERNMENT would be well advised to give up the failed policies of hyper-secrecy and adopt the new hip buzz phrase compliant open and transparent.


Do americans want this sort of STAB OUR TROOPS IN THE BACK strategy of giving the enemy direct access to the very information we are merely keeping secret from the civilians??? HUM????

Do we want to live in a land of open and fair transactions????

No More Torturing whom ever the president happens to pick?

No More Hiding Fiscal Fiasco's....


Anyone can see that this is just more of the same old failed radical left wing communist dogma, and that is all that it will ever be!!!

Americans LIKE the Hyper-Secrecy. It adds flavor to their pleasant daily routines as they get to wonder if today is their majik day when the state security apparatus detain and torture them for no more reason than that the sun came up.

Do Americans WANT TO ABANDON Strength Through Joy simply because radical left wing cliques like microsoft are willing to kapitulate before the EU and their Evil Demonic Ikky Yukky PoohperIsms!!!!

I say NO!!!!

True Americans back BushCheney2008, because they understand that anything less and the terrorists win!!!
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