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More Reasons to More Defeat Iran-Canada as We Have Always continue to WinningIst against them.

Right, here is the scary bit:
It's always tough driving in the wilds of East Africa. But in the tiny country of Djibouti, our driver explains, it's tougher than usual. "Djiboutian goats don't scare," he says, holding down the horn and swerving. We're driving 100 mph the wrong way down a winding road through terrain so apocalyptic that British soldiers, back when they ruled the world, nicknamed this parched earth the Furthest Shag of the Never-Never Land.

Sultan Ahmed bin Sulayem, a slight man of 53 with rugged features and a serious face, rides shotgun. He is the founder and chairman of Dubai World, a holding company that, he says, has $100 billion in assets, including one of the world's largest port operators, a mammoth private equity house, retailer Barneys New York, and the developer of Dubai's odd palm-tree-shaped islands. (You also may remember that one of its subsidiaries had control of six U.S. ports until Congress objected to handing the keys to a Middle Eastern company.)

[ cf Searching for the next Dubai
An inside look at how a huge Middle Eastern company wants to remake the developing world in its hometown's image. ]

These Ferrign Devils are not trying to remake the world in the image of America!!!!

God's One True And ONLY truthier Holy Land of all holy Lands...

Now more than ever we must go on winning...

Anything Less and the Ferrign Devils will demonize...
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