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World Embraces US's New TruthierNeffing

Britain said for the first time on Thursday that the United States had used its territory to transfer terrorism suspects, and apologized for having to correct previous denials.

Britain, after maintaining for years it was unaware of a British link to such "rendition" flights, said Washington had now told it two planes with detainees refueled at a U.S. base on the British Indian Ocean island of Diego Garcia in 2002.

Allegations of covert U.S. activities as part of the "war on terror" have circulated for years. A European investigator said last year he had proof Poland and Romania hosted secret prisons for the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency.

[ cf UK says U.S. rendition flights used its territory ]
Ah yes....

Now that the prez has come clean that he will torture anyone anywhere, it's ok for everyone to admit that yes, sometimes it is the thing to do, along with underTruthfulizing, and, well, accidentally inserting troops into another formerly soveriegn and independent nations.

Later On, the Japanese will admit that yes, they hadn't really meant to actually declare war prior to attacking Pearl Harbor, and the americans will accept that these things happen.

In more Happier News the Russians are planning to offer an Out Sourcing Discount to America if they need to hire the best in that the Gulag System was ever able to create. Which of course will be hailed by all True Believing NeoConClownCarCrew as they establish that only the dangerously unbalanced radical left wing extremists ever opposed the correct implementation of Marxist-Leninist-Stalinism, and the Clear and Compelling Need to be the Mostest with the Harshest of Harsh Information Retrieval Mechanisms.

In related news.

Pol Pot will spin rapidly in his grave, since he will feel slighted that the Evil Radical Left Wing Extremists in the NeoConClownCarCrew overlooked his refactoring of Kampuchean Kultur when the formerly known as the Killing Fields, now known as the "ideological reclarification fields in support of a global policy of enhance extensibility", has been so slighted by persons who just do not understand how to actually run a Real Kultur Kampf.

Pol Pot rises from his grave noting that these Whining Snivelling Kultur Kafee Klatchen Kreeps have no idea how hard it is to really do the sort of rendering that requires Real Rendering Farms, and not merely the sort of Red Hollywood models. But he does support the need for the no bid contract model to help make Rendering Farming the Wave Of The Future, in a Futuristic Manner!!!

And the whole world engages in a group hug, hoping that they will be able to keep in touch with the remainder of their friends who have not yet disappeared into the Rendering Forms, where the New Age, New Wave, in Bio-Energy Sources enhance the extensibility!!!
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