drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Heinous DMCA Violations!

well I guess now that the last of the Abu Ghraib Trails have come and left, since clearly there can be no correlation between how a collection of kids from the cumberland gap came up with those gastly ikky yukky actions, and any of the other cases that have occurred in Afghanistan, Iraq, GitMo, and those nations where we render folks who are not our type of people, that someone should be allowed to post the whole Abu Ghraib Photo Montogue.

But there is still that DMCA concern. Does the government really have a right to illegally use digital imaging in a court martial? I mean we all know that downloading illegal stuff from the internet is evil - so why should the government be allowed to use it as 'evidence' against those that they decided to prosecute?

Now don't get me wrong here. I think that the Government, in a time of deferring the tax burden onto the unborn, should not be bogged down in that obligation to law stuff, as if this were some time before the time when deferring the tax burden onto the unborn was considered merely fiscally irresponsible, rather than the zenith of patriotism! But there is that whole Revenue Stream Issue that really needs to be addressed here. As some americans know, the use of digital images of dead iraqi's actually can get one access to porn web sites that understand the importance of having images of dead terrorists. How do we know they are terrorists, well they are dead. What more proof do the patriotically corrector than thou necrophiliacs need as proof! So clearly there is a Revenue Stream that is associable with the Abu Ghraib Photos. Something that those evil black robed tyrannts SHOULD take into consideration when they rule on merely releasing the digital images into the wild!

Clearly if the government is going to confiscate the personal property of persons, even the sorts of welfare recipients who are taking those welfare jobs in Iraq and Afghanistan, because they could not get one of the High Paying Jobs with the Blackwater Security protecting decent types, then the government MUST think about an appropriate compensation for this government theft of personal property! Clearly these Black Robed Tyrannts need to think about supporting the troops, and more importantly the secondary revenue streams that the troops can actualize while on the government dole in Iraq, Afghanistan, Gitmo, those other places where we send folks when we need to extract information from them - why gosh, just like, well, gosh, that Padia Guy who is still being a useful source of actionable information, and he is being rendered here in the Good Old USofA!

I mean what more important reason could there be for the Divine Intelligence creating the DMCA but to protect the revenue stream of the troops, and prevent the evil liberal draft dodgers who merely want to engage in the partisan politics of finger pointing and blame gaming! My hope is that some Brave And Noble Lawyers will step up to the par and plead on appeal that the Government should not have breached the DMCA to show those photo's in court!

Now that would be TV worth Watching!

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