drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Why We NEED More Religion At The Work Site...

Why just today I was about to file a bug on one of our products, and was starting down the line of figuring out how many different basic ways this problem can be created, when suddenly Obi Wan Materialized in the office and asserted:
Focus The Drieux Luke!
Focus The Drieux!!!
which was clearly a relief, since later on that day my UberStumpenFumbler and I were in the midst of a process model review where I was catching the 'brain farts', some of them are fixable with appropriate internal documentation, and some of them by simply IRRADICATING the INFESTING CODE OF THE DEMONIC HORDES that while executed was not actually used.

When suddenly my UberStumpenFumbler had to call himself aside from following himself into the rat hole of pedantic pissant code whining side issues...

Ah yes.

Sometimes adding share holder value means simply accepting that this is NOT the river jordon, and gosh, there probably is a much better way, and someone somewhere has probably covered this issue in a best practice standard, and when the Divine Winds blow that brief down from the legalism of holy truthierneff, we are sooooo going to deal with it, until then.

Move On, there is nothing to see here but the roting corpse of code from the time before moral purity!!!

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