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Is wikiLeak still an Iranian Flying Saucer????

Yes, true PATRIOTIC AMERICANS have to wonder about:
A federal judge in San Francisco has ordered the shutdown of an anonymous whistleblower site, wikileaks.org. More precisely, U.S. District Judge Jeffrey White ordered a Bay Area Internet host to disable the main Wikileaks.org site and prevent the organization from transferring to any other server until further notice.
The order was triggered by a Swiss bank's lawsuit. The Julius Baer bank filed a complaint earlier this month against the site and Dynadot for posting several hundred of the bank’s documents. Some of those documents, posted by a former bank employee, allegedly reveal that Julius Baer was involved in offshore money laundering and tax evasion in the Cayman Islands for customers in several countries, including the U.S.

[ cf First Amendment Challenged: Wikileaks Shut by Ca. Judge ]
Let us pause to think what sort of GODLESS HEATHENS would seek to pretend that the Founding Father's COULD have meant that the First Amendment should extend to include Possible Iranian Flying Saucers bent upon destroying our White Christian America!!!!

Besides, whom else BUT Iranian Flying Saucers would seek to conceal their Vicious And Brutal Attacks on Peace Loving Americans with something so sinister as play acting as if the 1st Amendment actually covered their EVIL DEEDS!!!!

We can only hope that if this case is force to travel to the Supreme's that they will be kind enough to make clear that the 1st Amendment is only for decent and morally proper sorts of people. That the founding father's never meant for it to cover gay HomoSeXuals and Iranian Flying Saucers, and especially in a time of war presidencies, war czars, and war anxieties!!!

Clearly only by voting for BushCheney2008 can we make america safe for the nice types.
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