drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Feeling Safer About Being Disappeared...

Hey kids, did you notice that the Supreme's put forward one of the greatest arguments supporting the need to start disappearing the dissident elements. As long as the Lawyer's can not show that any of them have been harmed by being disappeared, it's not like there is any actual problem with disappearing persons.

Ah yes, once upon a time there was concern about 'separation anxiety', that fear that one's parent's would abandon them... But think how much better today's children will be, as they learn to live in a happy world where the enemies of the state just disappear.

No Questions.

No Issues.

Nothing to see.

Just Move Along.

It clearly can not be a crime if there are no victims....

Or as one of my Enemy Of The State noted,
What happened to the pro-palestinian voices in america?
ah yes, they have been returned to their happy place...

Are WE all in Our Happy Place???

Or will the state security agency need to disappear your personal anxieties into a Happier Place?

So remember boys and girls, vote BushCheney2008, while you are still present.
Tags: bushcheney2008, war

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