drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Speaking of Purity Sieges....

Hey kids, let us put out thinking cap on, and wonder why it is that the angular delta between the flight path of the B-52 that ACCIDENTALLY hauled unregistered Nuclear Weapons from one sector to another sector inside of Red State Jesus Land, provides a biblically interesting number, especially in light of Devout Flock to 'Holy Highway'.

Could it be that Jesus is telling his kind that we do not have to worry any more because when americans Embrace BushCheney2008, they will not have to worry about the random nuclear weapons delivery on the heads of the Godless Heathens Who Oppose the Divine Will, because, well, gosh, Good People do not have to worry about being accidentally nuked.

Only the Godless Heathen need to worry about such things.

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