drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Nice Republican girls....

... Support the President's "Strength Through Joy" Movement.

Some will recall that a part of the 2005 State of the Union Address dealt with the process of Privatizing the Social Security System Along the lines of the Chilean System, like General Pinochete Did.
{ never mind the current questions about offering them Political Asylum now that the Chileans want to Persecute them For Defrauding Chile, on top of the whole human rights abuse stuff. I mean would there be any reason to worry about some "culture of corruption" in america? }
Well there was some discussion about that back in 2005, a brief joke, from what I hear, in the 2006 State of the Union Address, and the President's New Budget of course has the funding request to just simply start implementing the privatization of Social Security.

This of course is what Nice Republican's girls SOOOO Understand. There is a time for that 'meaningful dialog', the 'romantic relationship' building fond foreplay. But there comes a time in each Nice Republican Girls' Life when they just has to say, "bend over boyfriend, I'll Drive." And it is so reassuring to see that finally the President is planning to get strapped and show congress that as long as they have authorized him to not have to worry about law, well, who cares what Congress Has to Say.

Why Besides - If folks who can not create and manage their own Private Pension Funds expected that the simplicity of the Social Security System would suffice, well, Gosh, they were just WRONG! Just like those folks who worked for corporations that offered them a Private Pension Fund, that have, over the last few years, well, essentially rolled over into the recievership of the Fed's Anyway! So what better proof do americans need that now more than ever, the only way that they can survive will be by a Government Run Privatized Social Security System, because otherwise, well they would have to have a Private Sector Private Retirement Fund, which, well, wouldn't be a Social Security System, but a wonderful private sector system....

Well Anyway, be that as it may. Congress has Authorized the President to DO What ever it takes to stop the Terrorists, and anyone who opposes the Privatization of Social Security is merely Offering Aid to the Enemy! And They Hate America!!! And they do not support the Troops....

Strength Through Joy!!! The Beauty Of Labor!!! Strength Through Joy!!!


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