drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

But Torture IS Your Friend....

I was SHOCKED!!! Just SHOCKED to find out that evil whiners are SUPRISED by Evidence From Torture Now Admissable, Apparently ....

Uh, hello!!!

How many times has Great Leader said that if required to have trials to detain or delete persons, that even evidence from torture will be admissible, IF there is a requirement that trials actually must have evidence presented at them to engage in detaining or deleting enemies of the state who must be stopped. Although Great Leader has been clear that the need for evidence does not require that there be any actual factual evidence submitted, as such could be misconstrued with efforts by terrorists to engage in abusing the law to allow the Enemies Of The State to escape the Punishment that God Demands!!!

So WHY are some folks concerned about the fact that in America, Americans SUPPORT the Great Leader and the Patriotic Duty Of Patriots!!

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