drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Why God Hating America Bashers should be detained for reasons of national security

Here the nation is celebrating the greatest military victories ever, as they plan to go and do their patriotic duty and restore BushCheney2008 to the white house as PRESIDENT FOR LIFE DAH, DAH!!!

And what are the god hating evil liberals whining about
Our elites in government and media have been well rewarded to compensate for all their hard work achieving the difficult goal of engineering the worst strategic diplomatic failure in American history. Without them, it couldn't have been possible. Let's give them all a big round of applause (and a golden parachute, and our continued adoration) while they engineer ever more critical systemic deterioration. You can't build anything new around here unless you tear down the old stuff first. Out of catastrophe comes great change, and all that, don't you know.
[ cf s9: That Accountability Moment ]
Sounds like someone needs a nice litttle Patriotic Time Out in Sunny Summer Time GitMo, where they can learn the importance of Patriotism, and Patriotic Supporting of The Patriotic President!!!

Anything Less and the Terrorists WIN!!!
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