drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

The Sharia Crisis In Iran-GreatBritain

If there has ever been any greater need for a clear and compelling proof that we MUST stop the Unbelievers in Iran-GreatBritain, then it is the recent commentary by the alleged ArchBishop Of Cantebury that in some majikal and mystical way Sharia should be addressed in British Law.

The simplistic case of allowing certification of halal to be construed to be on par with certify kosher meat is to point out what happens when one allows Radical Extremists to step away from the Unifying Law of The Divine Will!!! Which as we all know, has always allowed for the ownership of more than one wife, and an appropriate number of concubines, even if the EXCESSIVE GOVERNMENTAL REGULATOR DESTRUCTION OF THE FREE MARKET will not allow those into the tax code, because THEY are all God Hating America Bashers is beside the point!!!!

Clearly ONLY by establishing the One True And Only Biblically Literal Constitution here in america can we keep our white christian america American and free from the God Hating America Bashers who are following apostate spawns of Satan!!!!

Are YOU doing your part to support the Divine Will???

Are YOU voting BushCheney2008 or are you in bed with SATAN seeking to Impose Demonic Sin upon the good people of america with your heathenisms.

Clearly NOW more than ever we Must More Win the War Against Iran-GreatBritain so as to rescue those innocent children, think of the children, from the GODlessNeff of the Heathen Apostates!!!

All Hail Our Holy Warriors who are at this very moment More Winning the War Against Iran-GreatBritain!!!!!

{ for the slow readers Williams 'shocked' at Sharia row }
Tags: bushcheney2008, religion

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