drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

But does McCain Really Understand????

Clearly one of the big ugly questions left open by romney's revelations is that question as to whether or not McCain understands the True Difference between 'torture' and merely 'harsh methods'???

Does he know when to openly torture other nations, for their own good???

Clearly when we are in these majikal times when there is more need to restore the more effective methods for toturing the unbelievers who come to doubt the truthiness of the times, can we really leave these grave and difficult matters up to a man who has been stabbing our troops in the back by not supporting the President's Right to torture anyone he wants, when ever he wants???

Clearly the fact that McCain and the rest of the RINO's are NOT supporting BushCheney2008 must make it clear to all true americans that we can no longer afford these sorts of radical left wingers.....

So while yes, back in those peace times back when reagan stepped aside in 1976, there was grounds for allowing a new day in america!!! But we are beset upon on all side!!! Iran-Canada and Iran-Mexico are all sending their illegaly gay homoZeXual immigrants to take away the high paying jobs from americans!!! Then there is the Growing Threat of Iran-Atlantic Ocean and Iran-Pacific Ocean that are full of DANGEROUS Oxygen, Hydrogen, and other well known dangerously flammable weapons of mass destructions!!!!

Can americans really sit quietly by while the RINO's Rampage against BushCheney2008????


I say as long as Iran-TheSky keeps looming overhead no american will be safe!!!
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