drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Wack Senators Go Wacky!!!

Gosh, why it was as if it were just yesterday when the Senators were pointing out that they were not going to hop in bed with the radical left wing Welfare StateIsts who wanted to frivilously throw away money on Seniors and disabled Veterans.

And now, now that Romney has admitted that he can not in good faith Go Against The Troops, and must stand aside, since in a time of WhatEverOnWhomEver what is the most important thing, besides tax cuts, it is party loyalty, and supporting the president to support the Troops. { Now if ONLY the rest of those RINO's would get off their radical left wing agenda and support the President To Support The Troops!!! BushCheney2008, now more than ever! }

And What happens???

Those Radical Left Wing Extremists in the Senate opt to throw away hard earned tax dollars on disabled veterans!!!

I mean, what sort of Signal does that send out to the Troops??? But the Defeatists Dogma that it is OK to come back home damaged. Rather than the message that they should be hearing that we have ONLY ONE COURSE OF ACTION!

Total Victory OR DEATH!!!!

That's what americans need to be rallying to!!!

Either they are willing to support BushCheney2008 or they must be slaughtered as the Ferrign Devils that they are....
Tags: bushcheney2008

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