drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Why Jesus Demands That We TORTURE MORE PEOPLE!!!

Oh My GOD, is anyone suprised that when the president allowed the special people to stop torturing people that we would come to this:
An Elizabethtown man was charged Saturday with possessing a weapon of mass destruction after police said he ignited a device filled with plastic pellets inside Saturday's Market in Londonderry Twp., hitting at least five people and causing alarm in the building.

Michael A. Camp, 18, of the first block of Cedar Manor, was in the main area of the flea market shortly before 1 p.m. when he pulled out a lighter and lit the device, state police said. It exploded, shooting the pellets in the building and striking numerous people, police said.

The device looked like a plastic Easter egg with a firecracker inside, said Peggy Beckley, the market's vendor manager. She said the pellets, like those used for an air gun, were inside.

[ cf Pellets hit crowd in blast at flea market (emphasis mine)]
Is ANYONE Surprised???

Does the EVIL LIBERAL MEDIA even Head Line this appropriately NOTING that another one of those Weapons Of Mass Destruction has been let loose on INNOCENT AMERICANS by radical Islamic Extremist Ferrign Devils who came down in their Iranian Flying Saucers to Destory Our White Christian America...

NOW more than ever Americans MUST back BushCheney2008 to keep us safe from these WMD ATTACKS!!!!
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