drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Evil Liberals Admit that they HATE AMERICA!!!!

Ok, so i should not be shocked by the reporting Hebisner: Why I voted for Barack Obama but clearly when the nation is this deeply engaged in a holy crusade to stop the iranian flying saucers, and the Nation SHOULD be focusing on Supporting the PRESIDENT, to support the Troops, and the need for a Full On Constitutional Revamping that will show that america has always been a mormon country where God The One True, was stabbed in the back by the radical left wing liberal types merely so that they could get Utah Into The Union, rather than support the Divine Mandates on Caffine, and Polygamy, Well there are CLEARLY MORE IMPORTANT ISSUES that MUST be addressed than the simplistic review of what the reality based community can drum up with their mere fact based factualism!!!


AT THIS VERY MOMENT NYC IS FACING Better Homes for the Apocalypse BECAUSE they know that the Same God Who Has Brought Down the HAMMER on the evil doing liberals is planning a serious WhoopAssing of the Unbelievers in NYC!!!!

So maybe rather than getting all snot nosed and whyney about how history would have been different if only americans had limited themselves to mere Factualism, MAYBE these Whiners should be doing their Part to prepare the nation for the COMING APOCALYPSE that can ONLY be stopped by restoring the Divine Will, and Voting BushCheney2008 to stop the demonic beast creature from rising out of the pit...

You know, to get fashion tips from Naomi Klein.
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