drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

ah yes, Britany is out of the Psych Ward...

... and the president seems to believe that majikally the nation is not continuously under the dire threat that at any moment THEY may come back....

or was that the really special sauce that the Prez was on about, when noting that the Prez can have anyone tortured, because, well, since we are every day, in every way, facing the imminent threat of another round of Iranian Flying Saucers Come To Destroy Our White Christian America, why of course we need to be toturing folks.

yeah, yeah, that's the ticket, we have not been as attacked by Iranian Flying Saucers, save of course the recent incidents of those attacks which the liberal media is covering up, because they are soft On Iranian Flying Saucers, and thus, we must thank GOD that our prez is willing to toture folks to keep us mostly safish, except for the mezzinine....

Ah yes, any more reasons why we MUST vote BushCheney2008, or the Iranian Flying Saucers will return....

And to think they are letting Britany Spears out of the Psych Ward, and she only thinks she is the anti-christ....
Tags: bushcheney2008, torture, war

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