drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

day two, the drieux held hostage....

today unable to sign into the single sign in system, only to learn that my birth day is not in the system.

I tried to explain to the dweebs that there was a clear and compelling need to get past the OLD time_t structures as there are a few of us who have been around for just a little bit longer than the undeserving plebian masses...

Not that I want to WHINE or anything about submitting the DesignDefectDocument, but did anyone REALLY think that a calcium carbonate based endo skeletal system was a sober IDEA??? Hello!!!!! Friends do not let friends DRINK and Design Cosmos'.....

So after looking at all of the rational ways of solving the problem, opted for the simple trick:

Hack this from There,
Check in this whole Freaking Tweek Stack
Act Nonchelant about the fact that as long as we support the DO NOT ASK, DO NOT TELL

they will not have to know what is going on under there as the technology turns over...

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