drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

unpleasant advice on how not to 'apologize'.

I put that piece of FEAR into the wind here, since, well gosh kiddies, things are sooo looking scary out there.

HanoiAnnie Coulter is pimping Hitlary and the Rad Femi Surf Nazi's.... Gosh, just like all the rest of the HanoiAnnie's before her, who were not willing to back the boys who went to vietnam.... ah yes, that comical piece of happy warm fuzzy wuzzy....

AND YES, Prince Andrew is coming out of the closet questioning the basis upon which The Divine Miss W opted to get all into thatIraqiThingiePooh, and given as he will be the crown of england, and thus the Vicar Of Christ and Defender of the Faith, why yes, that is a Religious Assertion that is casting religious asparagous on the Divine Miss W And her, well, WhatEver....

Yes, yes, yes, yes, I KNOW, if you were one of those 'episcopalians' then you would present some sort of argument that you were not at risk of the anglican side of the demonic God Hating America Bashing becuase, well, you were in bed with HanoiAnnie Coulter on the Episcopaliean ThingiePooh, and therefore were coming out as a Drag Queen for Hitlary and the Rad Femi Surf Nazi's... or you were so into your african roots and hoping that by owing an allegiance to a Nigerian Bishop that this would rescue you out of that piece of dangerous religious WhatEver...

So yes, when one is whining about having 'offended' others, and that one is 'sorry', uh... how exactly DO you get to the 'will you forgive me' part?

No really. I mean after how many clear and compelling years, and now the amusing semi-testimony of the alledged heads of the alledge CIA admitting that yes, we do engage in torturing, not a lot, besides, liberals are gay homosexuals and they are not nice, and we only torture the really deserving types, it is not like we just torture everyone and tell you about it. Ok, so the fine folks who are still equivocating about whether the current confession to war crimes actually rises to the level of 'my bad' in a time when Arlen Spectre is soooo concerned about the whole Illegal Spying Issues in the NFL, and the drug use in the NFL, and.... that it is so hard to remember if americans were always supporters of illegal spying and torturing, or had there been a time when that was considered a part of the things that only the bad people did...

Ah yes....

No Please Americans, feel more than free to remind me again about how it was all so scary to you that you were so at risk because at any moment those Iranian Flying Saucers might come back, that well, gosh, you just had to allow them to torture anyone, anywhere, for any reason, and all the rest of the fiasco that has made the last how many years since the first attack on the WTC, and the attack on american troops abroad, which back in those days played second fiddle to the whole morality posturing.

No Please Americans, whip it out there and remind me again why it is that all of you patriotic flag waving all americans are all supportive of those who served in the armed forces, but, well, gosh, it has been so many hard years of working up how it is that one's ideological allignment should actually OBLIGE THEM to follow their rhetorical posturing into the action mandated.

No Please, any time now.

Remind me again the difference between memorial day and veterans day....

And why it is always more important to send the Vice President to show the commitment of at least someone to the process of play acting like there was some sort of need to provide a little media buzz in this time of WhatEver....

Ah yes.....

What I so love about the whole American Way of Life, when all has been said and done, there will always be those who can count on Cheap Grace to cover it all up with how much Jesus Loved Them and folks should not hold them accountable in these sooooo difficult times.

But remind me again, since no one has been accountable for any actions, and there has been no 'repentance', and changing of posturing, what exactly is there for one to 'forgive' since nothing has changed, save that someone 'feels sorry', which is at least the small gnawing start of an awareness about how pathetically lame those ideological arguments have been these last few years now about how much more at war we have always been against Iran, and Iran-Vietnam, and Iran-NorthKorea, and Iran-Pakistan, and the Iranian-Chinese and the Iranian-Gay-HomoZeXual-Canadianists, or whom ever it is this news cycle of Fear!!!


Why not save the whining about forgiveness until there is something that folks are willing to admit that they are not merely lame and pathetic about, but are actually trying to change.

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