drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Cultural Moment Moment....

Hey kids, it's OUT there Meet The Spartans The Cultural Film that shows all americans the importance of understanding the Important Aspects of Movies like 300, and the need to be more Spartanly Manly Male Masculinely Male Man Person than any others...

What you say we see this movie over the week end as our Patiotic Duty to stop the evils of Liberalism that fails to understand that only with a Highly Rigid Militaristic Society can there be any form of Freedom that allows only those able to survive in a Highly Rigid Militaristic Society to advance into the Peace and Bliss of being active profesional members of a Highly Rigid Militaristic Society that offers all of the progressive mind altering enhancements that come from life inside a Highly Rigid Militaristic Society.

If you know what I mean.

And if you do not, then you are and Evil Doing Evil Doer who is EVIL and Doing, And ERS!!!
Tags: pink_elephant

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