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Today In Modern Comedy

Hey, just because someone gets all fruffy when you try to move your Mistress, doesn't mean that they do not still love you for your wonderWhatEver:
The Department of State is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Paul Wolfowitz as the Chairman of the Secretary of State’s International Security Advisory Board (ISAB). Dr. Wolfowitz is currently a visiting scholar in foreign and defense policy studies at the American Enterprise Institute, where he studies development issues. He has spent more than three decades in public service and higher education. Most recently, he served as President of the World Bank and Deputy Secretary of Defense. Prior to that, he was Dean and Professor of International Relations at the Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies, Johns Hopkins University. Other previous positions include Under Secretary of Defense for Policy (1989–1993), U.S. Ambassador to Indonesia (1986–1989), Assistant Secretary of State for East Asia and Pacific Affairs (1982–1986) and Director of Policy Planning (1981-1982) at the Department of State.
[ cf Chairman Appointed for the International Security Advisory Board ]
You can now begin to laugh.

It really is funny.

No Honest.




Or The Terrorists Win!!!!
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