drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Should we explain to them the traditional role of the Pink Elephant???

Or would that just be repetatively repeating the intuitively self evidently obvious?

I mean, Maxine, the Pink Elephant is not what I would call a reassuring moment in a time when the radical left wing believes that it is the duty of government to engage in trivial economic finaggling because the liberals have been spending without taxing to provide the compensations for the Pro-War Types who just do not have what it takes to get their own viagra, and figure out how other hetro's have been handling those little issues for years and years..


I don't THINK I am going to explain to those RINO left winger, Stap The Troops In The Back, wankers who are not supporting the president to support the troops.

It is SOOO their pink elephant moment.

Oh dear, if I add pink_elephant as a tag, will I be admitting that there is a Communist Dominated Wing of the GOP, AND That there are at least 57 KNOWN COMMUNISTS in the RNC who are at this very moment under the mind control of Iranian Flying Saucers...
Tags: pink_elephant

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