drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

and Kiddie Porn in Economics...

ok, I have to point this out
A more sanguine take is that the slowdown in the U.S. could have a silver lining for China. The argument runs that a U.S. recession could benignly lead China to a soft landing by taking some of the heat out of its economy. That seems a stretch -- Goldilock's globalization? This might see the prices of manufactured goods slide but it's unlikely to curb rising food prices that the government seems most concerned about.
[ cf Markets hail Fed loosening ( emphasis mine ) ]

That is just Shocking!!!

I mean what sort of sick perverted Otaku Hentai freak would even think of using some innocent blonde blue eyed arayan teenage prom queen image for mere ChiCommRedPropoganda???

Clearly now more than ever we must go on winning or they will want to take all of the white women!!!

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