drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Speaking of Bombing To Win, the Disco Duck Dance Marathon....

So the nice folks who had been talking about other possible options came up with a new one, and so I will be doing another on-site interview, which will be more than a bit fun... but the kicker was that the email they sent to follow it up, well, whined that i did not allow cookies...

Upon demonstration and proof, wind up with the case that IF one starts at their Corporate Site, one can search for the job by the job requisition number and get to the same URL, but clearly some majik voodoo cookie was set to get there....

HUM, what if the notion of 'session' needs to be revisited in the software development cycles of those who make the web stuff wanky???

Or is this god's way of saying that I have this habit for being in the event when the FrapHitethTheShaneth...

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