drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Of course they are liberal....

What can I say, I had so much fun with my local Ron Paul Fan, who is slowly but surely waking up to the little issues about how things just get weirder and weirder.... So of course he showed me two YouTube video's from the recent debates... and yup. Those Folks Is Radical Stab the Troops In The Back Liberals.

McCain was whining that it was all Rummy's Fault that things did not go gooder. Which is nice to hear someone finally admit that the CPA ( Coalition Provisional Authority ) was always a part of the DOD and that all of the so called 'civilian stuff' in Iraq, is well, DODland - so who cares what the Holy Warriors Of the Black Water Army say, they were always under UCMJ law as players from DODland.

Then of course Huckabee does his usual devotional to the EasterBunny, since of course, even if one does not find an easter egg, this does not disprove that the EasterBunny not only died for your SINS but, well, was biblically literally clear that all true americans have always supported the policy of restoring the wetlands in Iraq.....

Then the kicker. Ron Paul asserts that it as a Bad Thing.

This is how we all know that these RINO are God Hating America Bashing Liberals!!!
Ron Paul is still Breathing
Clearly in the most holiest of holy transferance of the tax liabilities unto the unborn, can there be any doubt that Jesus, and/or the EasterBunny, would allow them a holy dispensation as Holy Warriors for Slaying and Slewing such an UNBELIEVER!!!!

So, now, can we move on about why those God Hating America Bashing RINO's are in league with Satan, and return the nation to Fully Supporting BushCheney2008, so that we can move on to more total victory over they them those folks...
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