drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Hum... cuts in Medicare/Medicaid?

What? you mean that evil liberal program that the evil liberals foisted upon senior citizens is now also in the cross hairs of finding money so that the ProWarCrowd can get wood that there are american GI's getting killed overseas while they are in the rear with the beer...

Gosh, now how exactly is the Department of Homeland Security going to work it's majik voodoo dealing with a possible terrorist chemical or biological warfare agent, if we keep downsizing the national health programme so that we can find welfare jobs for former Arabian Stud Farmers who can not maintain a gig in the private sector....

Oh well.... Who cares anyway, americans have too much medical insurance as it is, so if there is a ChemBioWarFareAgent released, it really will not be a problem until americans need to get in touch with their claims adjustors....

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