drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Speaking of Trading Places....

Gosh kidies, wasn't that 75 bip donation by Fed ChairPerKin Bernanke suppose to give the market the big solid wood:??? So, uh, why is the DOW once again Raising to go over the 12,000 Mark, which would the highest level that the DOW has ever been ....

I mean, is this why that whole WarThingiePooh has sorta slipped off the front pages for all of the 'not quite pro-war enough' types who well, would have been more engaged about that war stuff, were it not for the Hip Hop Dance Craze of this fun filled economics stuff.....

No seriously. What is with the greatest economic recovery, EVER???

Will the president really have to give more tax cuts to his starving friends?

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