drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

They did what???

Yes, I know, all of the evil liberals are all feeling guilty for their evil liberal attack on the economy, but did any of you notice, say:
A suspected Sunni extremist opened fire in a Shiite mosque Thursday and then blew himself up, killing nine people on the eve of a religious festival that has been scarred by sectarian violence in the past.

The blast in northwestern Pakistan wounded at least 20 people including a prominent Shiite cleric, adding to tensions in the country as it prepares for parliamentary elections Feb. 18 that many predict will weaken President Pervez Musharraf's grip on power.

Suspected Islamic militants have launched a wave of suicide attacks against security forces and politicians in recent months, killing at least 400 people including opposition leader Benazir Bhutto, a secular politician who had vowed to battle the militants.

[ cf Blast at Pakistan Shiite mosque kills 9 ]
Or How about:
A suicide bomber struck Shiites as worshippers prepared Thursday for their most important holiday, killing at least 11 at a mosque in violent Diyala province — one day after a similar attack by a woman in a nearby village.

Police and eyewitnesses said one of the victims had intercepted the bomber when he saw him making his way through the crowd. "Stranger, stranger," he shouted as he grabbed the bomber, who instantly detonated the blast.

A spike in bombings in recent weeks is chipping away at security gains made over the past six months, when levels of violence dropped nationwide. Many of the attacks have targeted Sunnis who have turned against the main insurgent group, al-Qaida in Iraq.

[ cf Suicide bomber targets Iraqi Shiites ]


Could it be that the God Hating America Bashing Leftist Leaning Defeatists are whining about the economic concerns, well, because they are stabbing our troops in the back by not supporting the president to support the troops to totalist Most Surgtasticalist Most Glorious of All Victorious Victories Of The Victorious Americans For Americanism EVER!!!!

Clearly americans have to put a little down economic news back into perspective when at any moment now the Smoking Gun COULD be a Nuclear Mushroom Cloud as Iranianists return for the 3rd Attack On The World Trade Centers with their SINISTER FLYING SAUCERS!!!!

Yes boys and girls, are YOU doing your part to vote BushCheney2008 or are you just stabbing our troops in the back, because of your lack of patriotism???
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