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Is it time to get Biblical???

Be Afraid?
A non-profit bankrolled by Google.org launches Thursday with a mission to deploy technology to detect disease and coordinate responses to global health and environmental disasters. And a prime weapon in its arsenal?


InSTEDD (Innovative Support to Emergencies, Diseases and Disasters) has big plans for the instant messaging service that techies, teenagers and twentysomethings use to instantly – and constantly — update their network of friends by broadcasting instant messages over their cell phones.

“It’s an example that seems almost laughable,” InSTEDD chief executive Eric Rasmussen tells Green Wombat. “But from our perspective, Twitter has remarkable capacity.”

InSTEDD will use free social networking services like Twitter and Facebook and Web 2.0 programs like Google (GOOG) Maps to coordinate health programs and disaster relief.

[ cf Web 2.0 to the rescue ]
Ok, so maybe it is officially time to designate GOOG (cf end times) as the TRUE SATANIC MANIFESTATION of <blink/> of 2008, as one more clear and compelling proof that the biblical end times have come upon us and that the Anti-Christ has taken power from his special control of Baghdad...

Hum.... Controls Baghdad, revealed in 'no child left behind' series, and...

Ah yes... no question there, the Liberal Media and their Anti-War fellow travellors are the Evil Doers with their whole SATANIC science backed stuff....

No question on that there!!!!

Are YOU doing YOUR PART to turn back the anti-christ by Voting BushCheney2008? Or are you in amongst the unbelievers being demonic???

Yes boys and girls it soooo be time to do your part to keep america american!!!
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