drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Criminal Money Laundering With Islamicists???

Now remind me again, please....
A former Republican congressman from Michigan was indicted Wednesday on federal charges of money laundering and obstruction of justice. The allegations involve his work as a lobbyist for an Islamic charity accused of illegally funneling about $130,000 to an Afghan warlord considered a terrorist by the United States government.

The former congressman, Mark D. Siljander, who was defeated for re-election in 1986 after three terms in the House, was accused by a federal grand jury in Kansas City of accepting $50,000 in stolen government aid money as his lobbying fee from the now-defunct charity group, the Islamic American Relief Agency.

[ cf Lawmaker Indicted in Inquiry of Islamic Charity ]

What is the real problem here????

Isn't the idea of having the government give money to party loyalists a core traditional family value???

Or what????

Besides, what is the whole thing with folks who want to have dirty money??? I just do not get this dangerous cultic fetish with having filthy lucre, when, with just a few blessings, the laying on of hands, and a quick dash, it's Laundered... or baptized, depending upon how well your specific majik may be in these times of Holy Crusades...

Besides, back in the 80's everyone knew that we had to stop the EVIL LIBERAL DEMOCRATS so of course being in bed with dangerous radical religious types was imperative. Even if that meant getting some from outside of the USofA...

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