drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Happy Technology Moments...

well kids, the down closed down over 6% year to date, boy does that tell those liberals that it is SOOO time to stop supporting the sort of RINO Radical Left Wingers who are just not going to be the sort willing to do their part to support BushCheney2008 to the lead pole position of the divine will....

On the same happy warm fuzzy moment - that old cellphone I had, that had once been the new age, new wave, dance craze, had to get upgraded, again, to have new new and improved new stuff... OH WELL... at least now I am a part of the digitally cool again... for the time being.

But given those Rumbling of the Bulls in the Economic Wonderland, we can always wonder how much longer the up roll of hot new technologies can go, without the clarification of the economic marvels of marvelousness...

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